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Who should consider using Twitter for their marketing needs? The answer? YOU.

If you own a business or you want to start up a small company and you don’t have a large advertising budget, social media marketing is the way to go!

But if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to promoting yourself online, it can be quite intimidating!

Even I was slightly frazzled the first time that someone suggested Twitter to me – and, trust me, even once you “catch on” it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are using it correctly for promoting a business or a brand.

For instance, I use my personal account differently than I use my health and wellness account. I would use both of those accounts differently than I would use a Twitter account to promote an up-and-coming singer or a publishing company. It can make your head spin, I know.

That is why you should consider utilizing Social Media Butterfly. I know how to get followers that are relevant. I can target YOUR core demographic. I will tweet pertinent information and news that will keep them interested, engaged, and “hanging on.” I will have conversations with them, so that they feel that your brand has taken a personal interest in THEM!

Let me know what specials you are running that day, week, or month – I will let your followers know of special promotions that are going on or coming up! If there’s an event happening, they’ll be the first to know! Want me to run a promo for Twitter-followers only? Done. I’ll give them all a unique Twitter code! It’s a great way to cultivate a special following – and your customers will soon feel like part of a family!

They’ll get your latest offers and updates instantly – even quicker than email and definitely faster than television or snail mail (…not to mention, much less expensive, too!)

Add on a Facebook page for extra personalization!

Contact pghmediabutterfly@gmail.com for more information today!

Why go with Social Media Butterfly?

  • While I am a new media strategist, I also know how to connect with people. On all of the Twitter and Facebook accounts that I manage, I know how to interact with fans, friends, and followers so that they know that there is a PERSON behind the brand who is fully engaged and who truly cares about talking to them and communicating with them. After all, the point of social networking is being SOCIAL! This is something that I’m good at … and something that no tech or marketing degree can “teach” you. This high level of personal service will portray you and your company in the best light possible, and will build a level of TRUST that is truly priceless, and hard to match!
  • Experience? Check. I have experience in the marketing, public relations, writing, event planning, and education fields. I also have background in fashion design and music business, making me a very well-rounded individual. I have written blogs for wowOwow.com,  the Steel City Mafia international Steelers’ fan organization, BarSmart.com, the Black and White Program, and more. I have been published in various local and national magazines ranging from Flip Magazine and Wedding Essentials Magazine to South Fayette and Neighbors, Bethel Park Courier, Chartiers Valley Magazine, Peters Township Magazine, and more.  I have been asked to be a guest blogger on Britney.com and have blogged for the Western PA chapter and the Mid Atlantic Region of the Arthritis Foundation. I worked for 3 years doing public relations, online marketing and sales for WeSellNow, Inc.  I also did marketing for a start-up social networking site called Qlique, which was a division of Entermedia Incorporated.
  • Social Media Butterfly already has some happy customers! Current clientele include Numbers Elementary, Dog Trotters, LLC., and Glitzburgh. All of these clients have Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and some even have websites and blogs that I update for them, too!

My Presence on Twitter – Facts Don’t Lie!

Facts Don’t Lie. Numbers Don’t Lie. Tweets Don’t Lie.

I currently manage 5 Twitter accounts.

@BuellaMarie has 1,789 follower and was voted 1st Place in Network Pittsburgh’s who To Follow on Twitter 2010 contest.

Additionally, I’ve been tweeted at by celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Dane Cook, Sherri Shepherd from The View, PR superstar Lizzie Grubman, The View co-hosts official Twitter, Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, and ELLE Magazine Creative Director / The City tv star Joe Zee, E! TV personality Ben Lyons, and MORE!  (All verified accounts.)

Additionally, @BuellaMarie’s Twitter ratings on various sites and applications are through the roof. Why? I know how to  USE Twitter. I know how to interact with my followers….and not everybody does.

You can create a Twitter account. But will you know how to USE it? Will you have the tools to market yourself, and make your brand a BRAND? Can you create a TRUE online presence for yourself, and cultivate a COMMUNITY around your company?

I can.

Want to hear more about my Twitter ventures?

Let’s talk about @Glitzburgh.

Glitzburgh has 483 followers. It is followed by and tweeted to by celebrities on a local and national level, as well. Glitzburgh is used to promote local events and happenings in Pittsburgh and in the Western Pennsylvania region and has, in a short time, become a recognizable brand in and of itself. The Glitzburgh Twitter account is connected to a Facebook page and a blog, but has actually taken on a personality of its own, enabling me to update my tweets daily, without having to constantly updating my blog site. Twitter enables me to always stay connected to my followers, all hours of the day, allowing me constant communication with my consumer base.

THIS is how you build brand recognition, and more importantly, trust, loyalty, and relationships. However, not all companies have the luxury of being able to update their Twitter and Facebook pages 24/7.

I can do that for you.

I can also help you grow your consumer base.

So, let’s talk about GROWTH.

One account that I manage, @ArthritisAshley has gotten 416 followers in about 7 weeks – an astounding spurt in a brief time. During this time, @ArthritisAshley has attracted the attention of NBA player Detroit Pistons Charlie Villanueva, the Arthritis Foundation and various national health and human service nonprofit organizations as well as advocates for chronic illnesses all over the world. A blog post written and promoted on this account garnered 883 blog views in one day. Before previous promotion, the blog was averaging less than 20 blog views per day. Talk about a change for the better! My “Arthritis Ashley” persona stemmed off of a previous account that I managed that went from virtual obscurity, to almost 1800 followers and being one of the top-searched and highest-rated Twitter accounts on the topic.

THAT takes skill.

Anyone CAN tweet, but, attracting attention of the PEOPLE that matter is important. Knowing the types of content and keywords to put in your tweets, knowing how to use hashtags, how to RT, what the trends are, and how to engage and connect is of utmost importance in the world of Twitter…..and so is sustaining. Once you have “the numbers” – how do you continue to grow your brand? How do you stay on top, and continue to stay fresh, and relevant?

I can help you. Let me manage your Twitter account and Facebook accounts. Ask @NumbersElem and @DogTrotters.

They’re both happy customers who will tell you that I always make them feel like they are my only clients. I manage their Facebook pages AND Twitter accounts. Numbers Elementary, a published children’s book, has attracted the attention of  Senator Wayne Fontana and has been featured in a number of local newspapers, not to mention being reviewed on 3 websites and blogs. Dog Trotters has a happy and successful dog boarding and doggie daycare business in North Carolina, and has been tweeted multiple times by People Pets – an affiliate of PEOPLE Magazine.

Need to know more? I have an extensive resume of freelance writing work – AND was voted “Best Blogger in Pittsburgh!”

I also have many references who can tell you that, “I know my stuff” when it comes to social networking and new media.

Isn’t it time that YOU come out of YOUR cocoon and become the social butterfly that you were meant to be? Your business needs it – and I can help.

Change is coming. Welcome to the NEW traditional!

– Ashley Boynes, Social Media Butterfly

Welcome, butterflies! So what IS social media butterfly, anyway?

Are you a brand, or a small or mid-sized business that needs help with your online image or your presence in social media? Forget the “wave of the future” – it’s what is happening NOW! Contact Social Media Butterfly and let me assist you with all of your online marketing and communication needs ranging from Facebook pages, Twitter, traditional blogs, video blogs, LinkedIn networking, and more!

Contact Ashley Boynes of Social Media Butterfly today! pghmediabutterfly@gmail.com – the NEW kind of social butterfly.

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.”

The way you market yourself and your business IS changing.

Please, let me know if you know of anyone who may need my help! After all, networking – and not just love – is what makes the world go ’round!   😉